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  • Posted: 25 March 2015

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Chief Engineer - Marine




  • Chief Engineer foreign going (unlimited) or Chief Engineer home trade limited/unlimited or Second Engineer home trade unlimited
  • STCW ’95 statutory certification
  • At least two years experience as Chief Engineer on ocean going vessels and/or
  • At least two years experience as Chief Engineer on Supply/AHTs
  • Demonstrated ability to work under pressure and make deadlines.


Economical and environmentally responsible for the safe operation of equipment and machinery on board. Ensures safe bunker of the vessel, which includes transfer of diesel oil and lube oil Prepares standing instructions Ensures that the engine room and vessel machinery, equipment are operated and maintained in accordance with standing orders, recommendations and regulations. Ensure that the fire detection system and the fixed gas fire fighting system are maintained, inspected, serviced as per plant maintenance system and surveyed in accordance with classification society and statutory requirements Responsible for the management of resources – stores, spares and manpower, inventory of Engine Department stores and spare parts shall be maintained Training, performance evaluation of junior Engine Officers and ratings Maintain proper documentation as per the SMS Prior departure from port, the Chief Engineer shall ensure that the Engineering Department is adequately stored, equipped for the planned voyage and the vessel is adequately secured for the sea passage. All machinery tested and ready for intended operation. The Chief Engineer should exercise due diligence and be present in the Engine Room whenever the Main Engine is placed on a Stand-By condition. The Chief Engineer shall issue Standing Instructions and maintain a Night Order Book. He shall assist the Master in the implementation and maintenance of safety training programs: A.C.T, Emergency drills, Code of Safe Working Practices training. Risk assessment and mitigation. The Chief Engineer shall keep the Master advised regarding the scheduling of machinery and equipment surveys in accordance with Classification Society and Statutory requirements.

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