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OPPO Nigeria Telecom Co., Ltd
Industry: ICT / Telecommunications
Country: Nigeria
City: Lagos
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  • Posted: 01 April 2015

OPPO is a globally registered technology brand, with a long history of serving customers in North America, Europe and Asia, delivering products that receive (...)





  • Bachelor degree and accounting major
  • Be familiar with the local tax treatment process, and timely communicate with the FIRS and LIRS, handle company tax processing
  • Strong communication ability and serious responsible attitude
  • Bears hardships and stands hard work, down-to-earth, seeking truth from facts and be loyal to their duties and diligent self-discipline
  • 1-3 years experience


Be familiar with OFFICE software, aware of the procedure of accounting operation Responsible for the daily income and expenses management and verification Collect the original documents and audit the amount Give out local employee wages Responsible for all tax related work and timely report withhold and remit tax of the month, the tax on service items Co-work with the company finance department arranged work

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    Nigeria - Lagos