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Waterfalls Precinct
Industry: Pastry
Country: Zambia
City: Lusaka
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  • Posted: 05 June 2015

The Precinct exhibits food from a network of growers and producers who deliver their products directly to the Market Venue on the day of each event .This (...)

Pastry Chef


The Waterfalls Precinct  is an independent initiative by award winning Chartered Marketers, whose aim is to revive and reinvent the Public Market as a civic institution. This market aims to feature over 100 specialty traders every weekend , creating a weekly platform for local farmers, fine-food purveyors, organic merchants, bakers and distributors, grocers, mongers, butchers, artisan producers, celebrated local chefs, and micro enterprises.



Must be at least 18 years of age.
Fully competent in all aspects of baking and pastry
Ability to define a problem, collects data, establish facts and forms conclusions. Ability to
understand complex instructions and material. Ability to mentally process abstract ideas
while delivering results.
Ability to be present at work for assigned schedule including, nights, weekends, holidays and
extended hours when required.
Ability to handle multiple tasks and works well in environment with time constraints.


Critical thinking: Evaluates arguments or propositions; makes judgments that seek constructive resolution in the interests of the operations. The Pastry Chef is able to make responsible decisions with ownership and accountability. Results oriented: Organizes and carry out courses of action to manage likely situations. Makes things happen and achieves practical results. Makes sacrifices and works well for big returns. Problem solving: Recognizes challenges and suggests resolutions with a plan of action. Manages progress and revises plan as needed. Setting goals and measuring performance: Understands work requirements and improves levels of competence. Sets goals and considers strategies to select those that balance progress toward goals against unwanted costs. As the task evolves monitors and measures the accumulating effects of the situation. Uses performance measures to improve work processes. Managing Human Resources: Assesses knowledge and skills and distributes work accordingly, evaluates performance and provides comments with constructive feedback. Assesses needs and obtains training resources for workplace learning activities. Career counseling: Mentors subordinates so they achieve realistic personal job growth. This includes the planning of activities to help place subordinates in appropriate positions. Utilizes the “Hands On” approach with one-on-one coaching to achieve obtainable results. Exercises leadership: Communicates thoughts, feelings and ideas in a professional manner. Encourages, trains and coaches others to maintain high standards by leading by example and demonstrating a team approach. Uses an appropriate leadership style for different situations. Establishes credibility through competency and integrity.

Job Locations Availability

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    Zambia - Lusaka

Required Skills

  • Coordination
  • Account Management
  • Collaboration