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BioCarbon Partners
Industry: Audit
Country: Zambia
City: Lusaka
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  • Posted: 10 June 2015

BioCarbon Partners (BCP) is an African-headquartered, focused and majority African-owned social enterprise that develops and manages long-term forest (...)

Consultancy – Procurement Services


The objective of this statement of work is to solicit for a procurement firm or consultant to be based at BCP Lusaka office that will provide a review of procurement documentation services to assist BCP-CFP prepare for a USAID organization wide audit which will focus on the statutory and USAID audit.



Subcontractor will carry out the following Tasks, as described below. A. Tasks Subcontractor, in close coordination with BCP, will:

Support corrective actions needed to procurement files.
Assist in the Preparation of writing out any justification memos, bid matrix and review the completeness of the procurement documentation.
Assist in coordinating the inventory control records for both Lusaka and field office (RC).

B. Deliverables

The Subcontractor will deliver the following outputs as described in the above tasks.

Complete procurement review report and addressing of all matters that may give rise to questioned or disallowed costs and a Report on audit readiness.
Present a Matrix of the Issues resolved during the consultancy.

C. Timing

The assignment, as in the Tasks and Deliverables under Sections A and B will be completed within a total level of effort of Ten (10) work days. A proposed schedule for the Tasks and Deliverables is as follows:

Entry and Planning June 08, 2015
Review of all procurement documentation and complete all issues that might give rise to noncompliance procurements of goods or services. June 10, 2015
Draft review report June 22, 2015

D. Level of Effort

The Maximum Level of effort for this subcontract is 12 days, this can only be increased with an approval of Chief of Party.

E. Reporting Relationships

The Subcontractor will report to the Chief of Party or any designated person. The Subcontractor will collaborate with other BCP technical team members and partners as appropriate and will work closely with participants throughout the consultation period. The Subcontractor is responsible for identifying and carrying out any additional tasks that may be required to complete the deliverables.

F. Key Personnel

The Subcontractor shall specify who the key personnel are for this subcontract. The Subcontractor shall not replace any key personnel under this service agreement without the approval of the Chief of Party.


Based on previous audit inputs support corrective measures to ensure all procurement files are up to date and compliant with the CFP Procurement Policy manual. Review the Receiving and property and equipment inventory records for completeness, both soft copy schedule and physical inventories. Assist the administration and procurement team to address and complete all issues identified.

Job Locations Availability

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    Zambia - Lusaka

Required Skills

  • Auditing