workinafrica Brewing Technician - Ogba Diageo
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Industry: Retail / Wholesales
Country: Nigeria
City: Lagos
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  • Posted: 06 April 2015

Diageo is the name behind many of the World's best loved drinks including Guinness, Smirnoff, Johnnie Walker, Baileys, Malta Guinness, J&B, Gordons Gin (...)

Brewing Technician - Ogba



  • Financial
  • Significant impact on raw material, component and utility costs and production, quality, rework and labour costs. 
  • Key role in operating, cleaning and maintaining plant and equipment, impacts directly on plant availability, asset life cycle cost and asset life/replacement frequency.

Leadership Responsibilities

  • Liase with other Brewing, Packaging, Production Services and Maintenance Technicians, Lab Technicians, Contractors and Shift Managers to ensure continuity of reliable, quality production. 
  • Support other team members and develop positive relationships with colleagues.


Purpose of Role

  • To produce Guinness products at customer service levels, quality conformance and within budget. 
  • To apply technical, process, continuous improvement and individual/team development skills to optimise overall brewery improvement and plant performance. 


  • 3 years experience/competence in Operations, Process Control and Performance Measurement in a brewery or food manufacturing environment.
  • Ideally have an appropriate qualification in Brewing, and or a minimum of OND in a Science related field.


Provide a comprehensive production service on plant and equipment to which they are primarily allocated: operating and cleaning, carrying out maintenance schedules, responding to breakdowns, assessing & monitoring plant performance on an ongoing basis and attending to all other process duties in a timely manner. Adhere to Guinness Nigeria PLC policies and procedures for safety, health, environment and hygiene to ensure a safe and efficient operating environment. Utilise and apply safe systems of working and pro-actively seek opportunities to improve work environment. Deliver best possible plant operation by maximising plant availability and efficiency of operation through execution of Planned Preventative Maintenance schedules.

Job Locations Availability

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    Nigeria - Lagos