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Society for Family Health
Industry: Audit
Country: Zambia
City: Lusaka
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  • Posted: 10 June 2015

Society for Family Health is one of Nigeria’s largest non-governmental organisations. Founded in 1985 by three eminent Nigerians: Professor Olikoye (...)

Auditing Consultancy


The objective of this statement of work is to solicit for an auditing consultancy to be based at BCP Lusaka Office that will provide financial services to assist BCP-CFP prepare for a USAID organization wide audit which will focus on the statutory and USAID audit.



Subcontractor will carry out the following Tasks, as described below. A. Tasks Subcontractor, in close coordination with BCP, will:

Report on assessment of internal controls and procedures, areas of weakness, their impact and corrective actions needed to be taken by the organization.
Review the Scope of work submitted to the Audit firms and assist BCP is addressing all the issues which will be reviewed by the USAID Auditors.
Assist in the Preparation of the Draft Financial Report

B. Deliverables

The Subcontractor will deliver the following outputs as described in the above tasks:

A draft 2014 Financial Report.
A narrative report detailing a)the complete review and addressing of all matters that may give rise to questioned or disallowed costs and b) BCP’s audit readiness.
Develop a Matrix of the Issues to be audited according to the SOW and Status of Progress for each item.(This should have a complete status)

C. Timing

The assignment, as in the Tasks and Deliverables under Sections A and B will be completed within a total level of effort of Ten (10) work days. A proposed schedule for the Tasks and Deliverables is as follows:

Action Plan Milestones No Milestones Date (as applicable)

Entry and Planning 5 nd June, 2015
Review of all financial, Grants documentation and fixing all issues that might give rise to questioned costs. 8 nd -19th June,2015
Narrative report 22nd June ,2015
Draft Financial Statement for 2014 23rd June, 2015

D. Level of Effort

The Maximum Level of effort for this subcontract is 10 days; this can only be increased with an approval of the Chief of Party.

E. Reporting Relationships

The Subcontractor will report to the Chief of Party or their designee. The Subcontractor will collaborate with other BCP technical team members and partners as appropriate and will work closely with participants throughout the consultation period. The Subcontractor is responsible for identifying and carrying out any additional tasks that may be required to complete the deliverables.

F. Key Personnel

The Subcontractor shall specify who the key personnel are for this subcontract. The Subcontractor shall not replace any key personnel under this service agreement without the approval of the Chief of Party.


Review all the financial systems of BCP and assist to address any weakness that might cause adverse impact on the management of USAID funds. Review all the financial and grants documents in the period under review and work with the finance team to address all issues identified. Assist in drafting the 2014 financial statement and reconcile the opening and Closing balances to the ledgers and source documents. Recommend corrective actions and best practices.

Job Locations Availability

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    Zambia - Lusaka

Required Skills

  • Audit