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Society for Family Health
Country: Zambia
City: Lusaka
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Society for Family Health is one of Nigeria’s largest non-governmental organisations. Founded in 1985 by three eminent Nigerians: Professor Olikoye (...)

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Working with the private and public sectors, SFH adopts social marketing and behaviour change communication to improve access to essential health information, services, and products to motivate the adoption of healthy behaviours.

By 2017, SFH will be a strong, vibrant, highly efficient organisation conducting value for money (efficient) scalable yet focused interventions. Using a total market approach (using social marketing, free distribution and cost recovery services) SFH will be implementing projects that will target:

50% of the burden of disease in Nigeria
50% of persons within the lower 3 wealth quintiles, who will have access to SFH products
or interventions
A 5% increase in DALYs yearly with 2012 as the baseline
SFH will also have a 10% decrease in cost per DALY averted over the period of 2013-2017 using the 2012 value as deadline, and will have generated a 20% increase in unrestricted funds by 2017 compared to 2012. SFH will have developed a plan to spin off a subsidiary conducting logistics, research training, costs recovery products and specific interventions aimed at the for-profit sector including the oil and manufacturing sectors.