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Tongabezi Trust School
Country: Zambia
City: Ambriz
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  • Posted: 26 June 2015

Tongabezi Trust School is presently seeking a new Head Teacher to start in January 2016.

Community Mobiliser


BCP is seeking dynamic, responsible, hard-working and respected Community Mobilizers (CMs) to join the CFP REDD+ Community Engagement Team to facilitate community engagement and development at local level. We aim to hire CMs from local Chiefdoms participating in REDD+ activities under the CFP. This is an Equal Employment Opportunity and applicants will be evaluated based on technical qualifications. Priority will be given to individuals coming from the Chiefdom.



Must Possess a Bachelor’s degree or Diploma in Development studies, Social work, Natural resource Management studies or related.
Extensive local knowledge of local communities and natural resources.
Demonstrated experience with community engagement, mobilization and/or environmental programs.
Fluency in English and relevant local languages (Eastern Province).
Literacy – able to read, write and undertake basic reporting, financial and data-collection activities.
Able / willing to ride a motorbike: valid motorbike license OR willing to obtain a motorbike license.
Willingness to travel in the Chiefdom, including riding a motorbike, camping in basic conditions and working in remote and/or forested areas.
Well respected in local communities.


Reporting to the Community Officer who will be responsible on the ground Meeting and activity coordination at a Chiefdom level Community stakeholder sensitization, consultation and engagement Participation in PLA techniques for community engagement, involvement in land-use planning Collection of data and basic reporting Working with Government, non-Government Partners and Royal establishments on the ground. Able to work in rural setting with initiative and facilitate development at chiefdom level.

Job Locations Availability

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    Zambia - Lusaka

Required Skills

  • Fluency in English
  • Community Outreach