10 Excellent Tips & Tricks for Job Interviews

Posted by Admin on 17.12.2015 in category: Business News

These 10 excellent tips & tricks for job interviews below can be used before, during or after the interview. Take them into account, they will definitely change your life!

Never be “unemployed”

Few people realise this, but listen to us, you should avoid employment gaps on your CV, those gaps won't help you at all in the eyes of the recruiter. All counts as valid work experience, from freelancing, volunteer work to one-time projects related to your field. Even unrelated part-time retail jobs can be great for filling in resume gaps. Anything works!

Research yourself

It's not enough to research the company before applying for jobs, you must also research yourself. Nowadays, people have the useful tool called “internet” and can easily look up to see if a person looks on the internet as good as he or she looks on paper.

See yourself through the eye of the recruiter and think about it: do you like what you see when you Google your name? If you find something suspicious, be prepared to clarify that during the interview, to mention why you've done a thing or another.

Use Social Sweepster to clean your Facebook & Twitter

Most people advise you to pay attention to every single thing you that you upload on your personal Facebook & Twitter accounts. But now there is a much easier solution. You can use Social Sweepster, an app that detects pictures of red solo cups, beer bottles and other “suspicious” objects. So you can clean your Facebook & Twitter accounts instantly. Ideally, before applying for a job. If you already did it, then it's never too late!

Brainstorm 3 “PAR” Anecdotes

The stories that you narrate during your interview have to be memorable. If possible, to entertain the recruiter. It will give a personal and interesting touch to the interview.

That's why you should think hard about the stories you would want to share and prepare three “PAR” ones – P stands for “problem” (what was the problem, the situation in which you were at one particular moment), A for “action” (how did you solve the problem?) and R for “result” (what was the result of your actions? What changed afterward?). These anecdotes can be used in all kinds of scenarios, even when you want to exemplify an answer to the recruiter's question.

Schedule the interview carefully

Again, few people know it or even think about the time of the interview. But researchers proved that the best time for an interview could be 10:30 AM on Tuesday – if the company is hiring immediately – or  late morning between Tuesday through Thursday –  if the firm is hiring for a job starting in a few months.

Think about it: on Mondays and Fridays, employees just started work or prepare for the weekends. Not good at all! Same goes for the first or last slots of any workday (they may be sleepy or too tired) and immediately before noon (they may be too hungry) or after (they may be too full and cranky). More on how to prepare for the interview here

Mirror your interviewer's body language

„Mirroring” is a psychological technique and it is widely used as a way to gain an interlocutor's trust and make him or her feel at ease. By mirroring the recruiters' movements, tone, gestures, breathing pace and so on, you're basically saying that they can trust you because you are the same. More about body language here 

Warm your hands

Did you ever think about the fact that dry, warm hands can help you make a good impression? Yes, they do! And that's because warm hands inspire confidence. So, when you get there early, go to the bathroom and warm your hands, either under hot water or under a hand dryer.    Cold, clammy hands are a big unconscious turn-off. You can apply a bit of deodorant to your hands if sweaty hands are an issue for you. Psychological studies have shown that even holding a warm cup of coffee makes someone feel more positive about the person he or she is talking to. Interesting, huh?

Get close to the interviewer

Not in an awkward manner, guys! Just try to find something that will bond you two, such as commenting on pictures of his or her family or sports themes or anything else they may have in the interview area. It will mean the world, you'll see!

Make good first impressions — to everyone you encounter

Of course we spoke before about being polite at an interview and try to make a first good impression. But, hey! There's a trick: be polite and offer warm greetings to everyone you meet before or after the interview, from parking attendant or receptionist to the hiring manager. It will matter, trust us!

Email a personalized thank you note

Do not forget to thank your interviewer for his or her time after the interview, but also within 24 hours of finishing it. It not only shows your gratitude, it also opens the door for dialogue even if you don’t get the job. Moreover, sometimes the recruiters reach back out on the same email thread months later, mentioning new job opportunities. So it's a win-win situation.


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