First month at your new job: 10 Do's and Don’ts

Posted by Admin on 17.12.2015 in category: Business News

Congratulations, you’ve landed at your new job! It means the interview was astonishing. You definitely impressed the recruiter with your skills, knowledge and great personality.

Of course you are thrilled, but don't hide it, we know that you are also a little bit stressed. It's a very common feeling. After all, the first month is like an extension of the interview process. Starting a new job can be demanding. On the one hand, you have to learn both the written and unwritten rules of the company and to adapt to an unfamiliar work culture. On the other hand, you try to make a good impression with your colleagues and bosses.

Take a deep breath and remember that you are awesome. Then, here are our 10 tips & tricks on how to start working in a new environment, the do's and don’ts

1. Be present. Don’t be late

Bosses like when you are on time or, even more, when you are a little bit earlier at work. They totally hate it when you are late. See when other people arrive and leave and do exactly the same.

When you are at the office, be there, be present and involved. Minimize your personal time.

2. Dress appropriately

This works hand in hand with the previous piece of advice: look around and blend in! You should never underestimate the importance of dressing professionally at your new job. You don't have to make a difference this time, you are a chameleon.

3. Ask questions and observe. Listen more than talk

Don't be afraid to ask questions when you don't know something, everybody has been in this situation, at the very beginning. Asking questions will help you understand how things work in that company and what to expect. Listen to your colleagues and learn from their experience.

4. Learn your colleagues' names as fast as you can

It shows that you care about your co-workers if you know their names. Moreover, it implies that you have respect for them and their activities. But don't panic: if you forget somebody's name, it's no tragedy, you just have to apologize and ask again, they will appreciate it.

5. Figure out the unwritten rules of the office

Those unwritten rules might be very important for your colleagues. Observe what those rules are and take action when it's necessary. Find out your co-workers' habits at work and adapt to them. You don't want to upset them from the start.

6. Introduce yourself. Build your own network. Find a mentor

No matter the place – it can be the elevator, hallway, in front of the offices building, in a conference room or in the kitchen – greet the people you meet and introduce yourself.

Also, try connecting with a new person at work every day in your first month. Building your network will help you understand who fits in where in the company; you don't know when you might need that person.

Remember to look out for a mentor, to teach you the things you don't know and to help you accommodate at your new job.  

7. Know, prioritize and demonstrate

You may have found out what's expected from you at the interview, but there are always many expectations to meet. So be sure you know them. This way, your boss will be satisfied with your performance.

Stay organized and focused, so that you can prioritize the most important tasks!

Last, but not least, prove why they have picked you. For example, if you’re asked for two solutions and you provide four, people will learn to be able to rely on you for future problems or projects. It will send them the right message.

8. Status update

Even if nobody asks you for a status update, it would impress your co-workers and it will give your boss the idea that you are efficient if you inform him/them of your weekly performances. Keywords: highlights, challenges, priorities.

9. Be enthusiastic...

… and don't hide it!

You are learning, day by day, either concrete things or abstract ones. You continue to grow and that should bring you self-content.

10. Avoid gossip or rumors

It's important not to lend an ear to gossips or rumors. Keep your nose clean of all of it. You can't allow yourself to discuss or judge them with your new colleagues, you don't know them yet that well. Distance won't get you into trouble. 

We know, its hard work, but be patient and proactive, it will be worthwhile in the end. 


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