World's Toughest Job

Posted by Admin on 17.12.2015 in category: Voluntary News

Would you work 24/24 with no vacation or pension and no health insurance but with infinite opportunities for personal growth and rewards? This job also requires multitasking, standing on your feet for many hours, cleaning and lifting up to 34 kg. Although it seems a hard job to do, there were people who applied for it.

This video shows the interviews of the 24 applicants for the position of Director of Operations. Wait until the end of the video to see the twist. It will be worth it. 





CURRICULUM VITAE Dr (Er) D.JAYAKUMAAR Residential : F1-Sai Flats, ARS Avenue, Ashok Nagar,Kanchipuram-631502,Tamil Nadu, India. Tel: (+91) 9710080505 (+91) 9092596361 (+91) 8870290561, +91 8428085389 Mail.ID:,, Skype: jayakumar209. What’s App (+91) 8870290561, Social Networks :- LinkedIn:, Face book :, Twitter:
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